United Methodists have historically been steeped in small group Bible studies. The United Methodist church began, first in England and second in the American Colonies, through home-based ‘classes’ engaged in the in-depth study of Scripture, devoted prayer, and study.

We here at St. Mark United Methodist Church of Augusta carry on our Methodist heritage with a firm belief in the necessity of an ongoing growth in our personal relationship with Christ. One of the vital components of this ever-closer walk with our Lord is accomplished through small-group, Bible study.

There will be any one of a variety of styles of Bible study underway at any given point in time: short-term lecture based studies, printed material led studies covering some weeks or months, topical team-based approaches, and longer term Bible studies covering up to nearly a year in length. One of our more popular and effective Bible study programs builds upon a series of sequential 9-month modules, overall covering a multi-year period.

Whatever your interest or need in regards to learning more of the meaning and purpose of God’s Word for your life, discovering the reality and necessity of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and enabling you to come to a place of consistent balance, peace, and joy in this life, we believe we will have that small-group study made available for you at some point throughout the year.

Please check out the Bible Study groups, both large and small, that are offered for you and your family both now and in the months to come.