St. Mark has all the space you need with the variety you are looking for today. From weddings and bridal suites to full size industrial kitchens for your guests and food accommodations. Take a look below at our options.


  • 20-50 people
  • 450 square ft.
  • Stage with Projector
  • Audio and Visual Hookups
  • Tables and Chairs included

Perfect for group meetings, small reception area, weddings and more. Call for more information


  • 0-25 people
  • — square ft.
  • Small Chapel with seating area for guests
  • Altar
  • Piano included in the room

Great for small wedding with minimal guests. For more information, please call our office.


  • 0-15 people
  • — square ft.
  • Audio and Visual Hookup Included
  • Conference Room Table and Chairs Included
  • Next to Bud Hall and Small Kitchen
  • Small Kitchen is included

A nice sized meeting room for your presentations, board meeting and more. Connected to a smaller kitchen for refreshments and light appetizers.

Large Space w/ Industrial Kitchen

  • 0-100 people
  • 900 square ft.
  • Audio and Visual Included
  • Tables and Chairs are included (round or rectangle)
  • Industrial Kitchen Attached
  • Kitchen Appliances, Built-In Chafing Pans and Utensils Included

This space is great for larger groups and events that are in need of a kitchen or food set-up.

Contact us today for more information